Yoga- a practice for the mind, body, and soul!  I have only recently become a yoga addict.  I still remember those days when I would meet the crazy yoga-goers (yogis as they proudly called themselves) who guaranteed that my life would never be the same once I consistently practiced yoga.  I recall nodding in disbelief and going about my day.  I never was one of those people who spent hours at the gym, or even one for that matter.

Do I want to buy a gym membership, or more makeup?  You can all guess how that turned out, every.single.time.  My workouts consisted of following dance fitness experts on YouTube- convenient, effective, fun and free!  As I completed one of my dance workouts, YouTube automatically started playing the next suggested video- Total Body Yoga.  I was quite exhausted after my previous sweat session, so the chirping birds and the serene palm trees at the beginning of the video were a welcome interruption.  Something took over me- I walked over to the side of my shaggy rug and before I knew it the 40 minutes of yoga were up!

I felt incredible after the 40-minute yoga, and noticed a spring in my step the next day.  As I came home that evening, I turned to my workout buddy, YouTube, and pulled up Total Body Yoga by Shilpa Shetty– I couldn’t believe it!  That was the beginning of my yogi days, and now I am a proud yogi for life!  I can now attest to Yoga’s truly soulful and life-changing results for a fit body and a focused mind.  So what are you waiting for?  Get your pose on!


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